Along the Gulf Coast, there are many marine towing companies from which to choose.

Some profess to be the best at inland towing while others claim proficiency with work offshore. A handful does both. But, few do both as well as United Tugs.

United Tugs has been family owned and operated since it was established in 1958. Our mission each day on the water is to supply inland and offshore industries with the planning information, equipment and expertise required to ensure success. You’ll see United Tug vessels on just about every water way in the Western Hemisphere. Our towing projects have taken us from ports in the North Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. We’ve provided marine towing along the Gulf Coast and beyond including the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway, the Panama Canal and destinations further south. We’ve successfully navigated just about every tributary along the Mississippi River too. In fact, there aren’t too many places we haven’t been.

Our management team includes lifelong seamen who realize that to provide the best marine towing in the industry, experience on the water is the most important job requirement. Together, they bring more than 200 years of combined marine towing experience to the table.

We proudly serve the nation’s oil and gas industry and provide the industry’s most comprehensive expertise in municipal work, federal projects with the Army Corps of Engineers, marine transportation of equipment, dredging operations, liquid cargo hauling, special large-scale projects and more.
If you have something that needs to go by water, you can trust United Tugs to get it there. We invite you to see why we are the best choice for all your marine towing needs.



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