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United Tugs Inc

Inland Vessels

United Tugs’ fleet of inland vessels is ready to tackle moves big or small in rivers and lakes throughout the Western Hemisphere.

This class of motor vessel has traversed the waters of the Gulf Intercostal Waterway, the Mississippi River and its thousands of tributaries, the Great Lakes and many more locations for United.

These pushers have worked on a vast array of projects from moving liquid cargo to project tows, construction and large-scale dredging projects.

Our inland vessels range from 600 to 2000 hp steel push boats and provide a range of dimensions for practically any project application. To find out more about our inland fleet, contact United Tugs toll-free at (800) 966-6621 or locally at (504) 394-6622.

M/V Aaron Vizier
1800 Horsepower Steel Push Boat
M/V Captain Eric Duet 600 Horsepower Steel Push Boat
M/V Gordon V. Sr.
800 Horsepower Push Boat
M/V Lonnie M. Bell

1200 Horsepower Steel Push Boat
M/V Perry Lynn
800 Horsepower Steel Push Boat
M/V Perry MD 2400 Horsepower Steel Tug