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United Tugs Inc

Company history

United Tugs was born out of the vision of four oystermen from Cut Off, La.

In the early 1950s, they busied themselves harvesting, and supported their families from the bounty provided by the Gulf Coast waters. They also envisioned a way to put their oyster boats to work once the season closed.

Emile Eymard, Emmett Eymard, Sydney Savoie and Elfer Guidry began contracting out their oyster boats for marine towing work along the coast. The groupís entrepreneurial efforts proved to provide as bountiful a harvest as their precious oysters.

The group formally established United Tugs in 1958 and has navigated waters throughout the Western Hemisphere for more than 60 years. The company has been family owned and operated since and those in leadership roles at United all got their start in the business working the boats.

Our company serves the nationís oil and gas industry and provides the industryís most comprehensive expertise in municipal work, federal projects with the Army Corps of Engineers, marine transportation of equipment, dredging operations, liquid cargo hauling, special large-scale projects and more. If it needs to go by water, United Tugs can get it there.